Guide for Better Sex

Stress - Spoiler for Sex Mood 

Sex is defined as a normal procedure. Just like any other movements, sex can be made dysfunctional due to stress, bad mood and similar such issues. This might not be associated with anatomy, but more towards the mind. If you can allow sex to happen naturally, then your body will respond properly without creating any problem.

There are a plethora of problems, which can upset the normal sexual responses. You can solve the problems by just understanding the situation. Listed below are some common ways to improve your situation:

Misunderstanding About Sex

Even though sex is one of the most common topics in our lives, still people are now aware of it well. “What can you expect from it and how to act in it,” are some special questions still unanswered. The TV commercials are portraying people in such a manner, that sex has now become “an action to be performed to perfection.” It might add more confusion and lead to unrealistic fantasies, fears and expectations.

Sex With its Misunderstood Feelings

  • Fear or pain, pregnancy, or being caught
  • Fear of not performing well
  • Fear of excess orgasm
  • Fear of looking unattractive
  • Bad feelings related to your body

Problems Related to Relationship

Anger against partner needs to be resolved to avoid decrement in pleasure while making love.

Unsuitable Circumstances

Quick release can sometimes be fun, but most of the time, you need to relax your body and mind. Too much of preoccupation can hamper the pleasure involved.

Performance Anxiety

This is a leading problem related to good sex. People forget that sex is a natural process, and we consider ourselves as performers when the right time comes.

Avoid Being a Spectator

Most of the time, we think ourselves to be audience rather than being a part of it. We think ourselves to be doing the act, rather than participating it in completely.

Always remember yourself to be the act and not any spectator. You are not here to measure your efficient level. Just get loose and enjoy. You just need to enjoy the flow and not judge it. Enjoy the touch and caress your partner. It feels nice to be closer to partner.

Improve Communication

Communication forms an integral part of good sex. Always remember that “sex is always good in between ears, as between legs.” Proper communication can create a huge difference, and you will enjoy a really good time.

You can communicate verbally or non-verbally. Ensure that your partner knows where to touch or for how many times. Make sure to tell me when you are feeling pleasure or pain. Do not worry about the ultimate result and relax pleasantly. Enjoy various positions, with female superior positions sometimes.

Remove Any Misunderstanding

Misunderstandings between partners can lead to bad sex. The more you are happy with your partner, the better sex you can look forward to.


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