Relation Between Sex & Astrology

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Sex & Astrology

Sex & Astrology

Venus - The Planet of Love and Beauty

Astrologers know that the section of your astrology chart called The Eighth House shows deep truths about your sex. Interactions with the planet Venus likewise inform an astrologer about your sex. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is just charged with human sexuality depending upon how it interacts with specific planets. Harmony in between Venus along with other planets creates a love of delight and unique desires. Tension with a few other planets is just what creates the shadow side of human sexuality - fetishes, yearnings and unfulfilled lust. You can have an untapped area of your human sexuality that should be explored and expressed.

Your Zodiac Sign Determine Your Sexual Character

Your star sign holds unconscious desires and abilities that you could not recognize you'd. Imagine knowing what you will offer your partner for maximum enjoyment, while inherently sensing your partner's weaknesses and strengths. Do you know about the sexual characteristics of your zodiac sign and that of your partner? Optimize your satisfaction through sharing yourself more completely. Making love is the greatest act of bonding.

  • The Ram has plenty of energy with regards to sharing with the right partner.
  • There is very little that the Bull will not do during sex when their fan gives first.
  • The Crab appreciates security and requires a few time to warm up to a brand new partner. When a Crab requires someone home, there is very little talking, but once she or he's comfortable with a partner, anything goes. The Crab makes love best in her or his own shell, or rather, home.
  • The Lion requires a small drama at all times to remain aroused.
  • A Leo male or female needs to know that the fan will still need her or him even when they've been fighting.
  • In case your lover is just a Virgo, provide a clear description of what you need.
  • The Libra fan is compliant, resourceful and easily seduced. They can be very selfish when they feel a fan adores them, so their partners are invited to be a little aloof so as to get the most out of them.

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