Sex & Spiritual energies leads to sacred sex

According to the Kama sutra, Sex is an internal energy that is most primal and creative energy in the whole world. Sex and spirituality are related to each other.

For all biological creativity, sexual energy is expressed as physical, emotional and spiritual. Whatever we feel like arousal, passion, inspiration, excitement, and attraction is caused by sexual energy. Sexual energy is chaste and sacred.

The relationship between sex and spirituality might seem to be a strange combination but evokes loads of responses. Sometimes, these two terms are combined to form a term, sacred sex.

If you check out the historical note, spirituality and sex form two uneasy bedfellows. If you go through some ancient religions, they have incorporated sexuality in rites. Others would try to control their sexual spirits by suppressing it by limiting expressions. Maximum dominant religions are now sex-negative, preaching ways to suppress the urge of sexuality and channeling the same into socially acceptable forms, like marriage.

Ancient traditions-Incorporate sexuality as a spiritual act

•    Sumerians performed the Sacred marriage, which is a union between Inanna, priestess of the goddess, with a priest-king, for obtaining goodness. This type of sexual ritual in Greece is termed as Hieros Gamos. Evidence shows that the same ritual was a part of Egyptian culture, as well, until the Roman era. Hints from different ancient sources tell that Hieros Gamos might have been a part of Eleusinian mysteries.
•    Sacred prostitution was another ritual, which was practiced in Middle Eastern cultures. It was prevalent in India, until the 1950s. Here, the men used to visit temples and have sexual intercourse with temple prostitutes. The main aim is to commune with any particular goddess.
•    The tantric tradition in India, have continued for hundreds of years, with the culture of God and Goddesses. Later, it was incorporated in Buddhism. Tantric practitioners look for enlightenment with the divine power through sexual rites, and other meditation forms.
•    Monks later brought tantra to China. Here, it collaborated with Taoist philosophy and the present medical history of China. Those people, who need to increase health and achieve physical immortality, took the measures, through some sexual rites or techniques.

    •    Sex and spirituality are not two distinct words, they are the same energy throughout the world.

    Relations Between Sex and Spirituality 

    •    In sexual intercourse, there is a union between the spirit and flesh. Sex has the essence of bliss, playfulness, and carefreeness.
    •    In order to have spiritual sex, you must not have expectations from it. Sex can become a huge issue when it mixes with guilt, anger or shame.
    •    Sexual intercourse is a great way to experience the liberty because it doesn't have limitations, boundary or inhabitations.
    •    Sexual energy claims to get rid of self-ego or attitude. This can be only maintained by spiritual meditation.
    •    Sex cannot be bonded within the limit, it is always extreme. Extremism is a reaction to inhibition, suppression, and repression.
    •    Repression, suppression and inhibition can be caused by violence, abuse, sexual misbehavior and neurosis, they are not a part of spiritual sex.
    •    Sexual intercourse should have values in between, it is all about to know the values of others and to respect them. This way anyone can achieve spiritual sex only.
    •    Sexual pleasure is all about the perfect relationship between soul to soul and flesh to flesh. It is a kind of sacred energy, which makes the world divine and chaste.


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